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This shop is here for you and the bands. All money made with this shop goes back to the bands.

Shipping Costs

I'd say: try to combine as much as possible! All products in the shop are worth your money, you won't regret buying them! Shipping for 1 record is €6, shipping for 2 or 3 stays the same!

Avoid Shipping Costs

We all know that B-post is expensive as hell! Try to avoid shipping costs! If you live in the Gent-Antwerp region, contact me for info on delivery (free! or maybe a drink or something) or pick-up! It can also be arranged to pick up an order at a show, just contact me to ask if I'll be at certain shows and we'll work something out.


To minimize costs and the impact on the environment, packaging is recycled and tape is used minimally. I suggest you do the same if you're selling vinyl, reuse the packaging! If not, make sure to remove all tape and to throw everything in the correct bin.